President of Hebei Province Survey the million-tonnage shipbuilding base in Shanhaiguan Shipyard
   (2005-08-07)    Source:   

Mr. Guo Gengmao/vice president of Hebei Province go to Shanhaiguan Shipyard to survey the construction progress of the million-tonnage shipbuilding base project accompanied by some leaders from Qinhuangdao city including Mr. Xing Luzhen/vice president of Qinhuangdao city on July 31, 2005.


Mr. Wang Degong/Senior secretary of Shanhaiguan Shipyard introduced the project building progress in the last few months and the work plan in the next period. Vice president Mr. Guo said that under the efforts of Shanhaiguan Shipyard, this project has so far been making appreciable progress, and Shanhaiguan Shipyard is pushing it steadily.


Vice president Mr. Guo gave two requirements on this project: First Shanhaiguan Shipyard should have a long-term development plan, grasp this opportunity and accomplish this project; Second Shanhaiguan Shipyard should try to speed up the progress of the project. He said that in the circumtance of market economy, the competition is serious; all employees’ life depends on yard’s profit. This project is good for increasing the yard’s construction and competition capacity, and good for developing the local economy. Local government will give strong support to this project and try to make it into a production chain based on the project. Yard’s leaders should have the history responsibility, while employees should have a long-term consideration for future. Opportunity is fair to any company. The one, who step first and development quickly, will occupy the market first. Mr. Guo said that both province and city government will give support to Shanhaiguan Shipyard just like before to push the early accomplishment of this project.


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