SHGSIC delivered the First VLCC Conversion project “M.T ASTRO LYRA”
   (2007-09-30)    Source:   

By 6 months aborative construction, the VLCC single-skin to double-skin conversion vessel M.T ASTRO LYRA” left our company with the new appearance on Sep 18th. It stands for the consummation of the first time VLCC single-skin to double-skin conversion by our Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. 

“M.T ASTRO LYRA” is a VLCC oil tanker of one Greece Shipping Company with the main particulars LOA: 327m, BM: 57m and DWT: 280,000 tons. The steel work of the conversion progress is 10,000 tons, and the first checking pass rate is over 90% without appearing deformation phenomenon. The shortest working time of 20,000 m2 tank coating is 4 days and a half. The checking pass rate of the whole vessel’s 230,000 m2 tank coating work is 100%. The working period is about 60 days, but we finished it 20 days ahead of the contract time. Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd attains high appraisal of the owners due to the fast speed and good quality in shipping area.

    The successful conversion of “M.T ASTRO LYRA” shows the strong ship conversion ability of Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd and confirms the advanced status in this area. In 2007, the conversion project of VLCC of our company attains 1,400,000 tons. The conversion order forms have already arranged by the end of 2008 and our task is very enough.


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