The First 9000DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker Built By Chuandong Shipyard
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The 9000 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker built by Chuandong Shipyard for the Sinochem was launched on 10th Dec, 2008, which symbolized a new breakthrough in the construction of special vessels for the shipyard.

This vessel is the largest one in the construction history of Chuandong Shipyard, also in Chongqing Municipality . Meanwhile, it is the largest one in the series of the vessels built for the Sinochem, which is regarded as another new achievement made by the cooperation between the ChuandongShipyard and the Sinochem.

The vessel with the length overall of 115.70 m, Breadth Moulded 18.60m, Depth Moulded 10.00m are built of solid stainless steel and in quality Duplex 2205, of which the great degree of difficulty in the construction can be called NO.1 in the domestic shipbuilding industry.

Chuandong shipyard is the largest special shipbuilding base in the southwest area. From the year of 2004 until now, the shipyard has constructed in batches and delivered eight 3000DWT Stainless steel Chemical Tankers and two 5000DWT Heavy Oil Tankers, of which the quality has received considerable acclaim from the owners.

To keep up with the needs of the market, Chuandong Shipyard signed 2 plus 2 9000DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tankers contracts with the Sinochem on 30th Dec, 2006.

The shipyard invested approximately RMB150 million to build two 10,000 tons interior platforms, hull blocks and pipe processing center especially for the vessles. Furthermore, some key facilities such like float chamber, launching cradle, hoisting machine and launching way were all reconstrcuted or improved, which elevated the shipbuilding capacity for the shipyard from the 3000dwt to the 10,000 dwt.

In addtion, the shipyard also introduced three-dimensional ship design software system to build the digitization-centered production desgin platform, to promote the advanced pattern of shipbuilding design, construction and management.

 And such improvement ensures the sustainable development of the shipyard and the needs of the chaging market. During the constrcution, the shipyard conducted friendly and mutually beneficial exchanges and cooperation with the owner, design institute,class and suppliers and also the technical staff, the construction staff and the contracted workers overcame many technical difficulties to realize the suscessful lanuching of this vessel.

        The sucessful lauching of the vessel has opened up a new chapter in the shipyard’s history for the special shipbuilding. The President Mr. Qin stated that the shipyard would seize this opportunity to further improve the shipbuilding technique,to effectively complete the construction of the subsequent vessels, to open up a bigger market and to make contribution to the development of the CSIC.

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