Successful Launching of The Fourth 4999DWT Heavy Oil Tanker Built By Chuandong Shipyard
   (2008-09-12)    Source:   
The fourth 4999DWT Heavy Oil Tanker built by Chuandong Shipyard for Nanjing Oil Tanker Company along the launching way ,entered the Yangtse River outfitting dock. This vessel is the last one of this series and also the sixth launching vessel within this year.
This steel-built vessel of a single screw diesel driven , classed by ABS , has eight oil cargo tankers with the overall length of 101.9m, breadth moulded 16m and depth moulded 8m. And it is suitable to load petroleum, bitumen, coal oil and crude oil and the highest temperature for loading is 180 .
The shipyard has established a long-term strategic partnership with Nanjing Oil Tanker Company, undertaking 12 projects from 3000DWT to 5000 DWT, from stainless steel chmeical tankers to heavy oil tankers. This vessel is the last one of this series and another two has been delivered.
The launching of this vessel symbolizes the beginning of the outfitting and the debugging for the vessel.

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