A New breakthrough in Special Shipbuilding for Chuandong Shipyard
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On 26th Feb, 2008, Chuandong Shipyard signed ten 9,000 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tankers contracts, worth USD30 million with Odfjell (Asia) Ltd, which symbolized a new breakthrough and a new achievement in special shipbuilding industry.

Chuandong Shipyard is the largest special shipbuilding base in the southwest of China. In recent years, the shipyard has made stunning achievements in the construction of small and medium-sized special stainless steel chemical tankers. The first batch of eight 3000DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tankers has been delivered sucessfully, which has passed the CDI’s examination with high mark and been given the permission to entrance of the international high-end market. The batch of the vessels got excellent reputation for its high quality and evoked repercussion inside and ouside of China.


In the stage of new development for the production and management, the ten 9,000 stainless steel chemical tankers contracts are definitely the landmark for the Shipyard to the access of the international shipbuilding market, are the historical leap in the special shipbuilding industry, which are of vital significance to creat the product brand of”Chuandong Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker”,to boost the further development and to speed up the constrcution of the special shipbuilding base.

    The headquarter of Odfjell is located in Norway, which is the main company in the industry of global trasnportation of the liquid chemicals, acids, edible oil and other special products and also provides the logistics service. Odfjell has more than 110 transportation vessels, the transportation capacity of 3,100 thousand deadweight tons, the annualturnover of USD1 billion. Its storage stations can be found in Rotterdam,Houston, singapore,Korea and China. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

    The ten 9,000 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tankers contracts worth USD30 million , the largest in the Chuandong shipyard history until now and also the largest exported order in Chongqing history.The vessels are classed in the DNV with overall length of 118.89m, breadth moulded 18.60m ,depth moulded 10.40m and design draft 7.80m.


The principal of Chuandong Shipyard said that the shipyard would grasp this opportunity to establish the long-term strategic, cooperative partnership with Odfjell, to open up a bigger market and to make contribution to the development of the CSIC.


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